Hello World… For Real This Time!

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Welcome to JonnyO.com! After years of threatening to re-launch my web site, I’m finally pulling the trigger.

I originally launched this site back when Amazon was a river, Mark Zuckerberg was just a kid, and a T1 line was considered high-speed Internet. It’s been a photo album, a message board for friends near and far, and a soapbox for me to bellow from for any particular subject that occupied my mind at that time. Fast forward to the present: most people use social media sites to do these things, but I’m sticking with my own site, where I control the content and nobody is profiting off selling our privacy to the highest bidder. (Well, except for Amazon, seeing how this is hosted on AWS.)

Please bear with me as I learn this thing called WordPress. I’ve been a Joomla user since the Mambo days many moons ago, but seeing how I’m not a web developer by trade I felt that WordPress might be a better fit for me. I won’t promise the journey will be completely smooth, but hopefully the site will be up more than down and that the content will be the driver more than the bits under the hood.

Thanks for stopping by.

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